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Take control of your institution, save time on organization and use all available data to grow your ensemble. We make life easier for you.
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A digital workspace for your music community

Discover all the benefits from Glissandoo, we are specially designed and thought for music communities

Information is power

All the data about your community. Available at any time.

Forget about papers

Whatsapp, E-mail, Doodle, Excel... How much time would you be able to save using a single tool?

The goal is growth

We help you to implement the solution, step by step. The objective is to make your day to day easier and grow your institution.

Digital transformation has arrived, also for music communities

The first step consists in putting the data at your service: scheduling of rehearsals, concerts, repertoire and much more. Our tools are very easy to use.
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Concerts and rehearsals

Plan all the details of your rehearsals and concerts: time, duration, address, repertoire ... Forget about repetitive tasks, music is the most important thing.
  • Attendance forecast.
  • Roll call from the App.
  • Summon your entire group or by instrument.

Musicians management

Analyze and motivate your members to achieve your goals. All through a very intuitive control panel.
  • Segment by instruments.
  • Data about the community.
  • Personal records for each musician.

Digital files

Reduces the use of paper and its associated costs. Musicians can access the repertoire at any time, from anywhere.
  • Distribution of repertoire by instruments.
  • Upload videos and audios.
  • Synchronize events with your repertoire.
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A platform with the aim of professionalizing, modernizing and digitizing musical institutions
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