This document contains the Conditions of Use for USERS applicable to the use of the platform to which you have access through the website or through the Glissandoo mobile application. You declare that you have read, understand and understand the conditions set forth herein and that:
  • That he is a person with sufficient capacity to contract.
  • That you accept and assume all the obligations set forth herein.
  • That if you do not understand or have doubts about this document before hiring, you will consult GLISSANDOO in writing to solve them.
  • That if, during use, you have any problem with the application, you can contact us through the email address hello @ glissandoo.

Service description. What is Glissandoo?

Glissandoo is a SaaS tool that offers functionalities for the day-to-day management of our clients, the music communities. Through the platform, administrators will be able to carry out user management and coordination tasks, which, in turn, will have a working and communication tool with the community.
Next, we detail the characteristics of our service in the following sections of this document.

The parts.

The provider of the services is Plausible Technologies (hereinafter "GLISSANDOO") with address Carrer del Turia nº 53, 46008 València, CIF B42902585 and email
And you, as a User, who accepts these Terms of Use for USERS.


For the correct reading and interpretation of these Conditions of Use for USERS, the following words are given the meaning described here:
  • User: the user is you. This is the musician who makes use of the services of GLISSANDOO for free and who is part of groups and / or bands that have contracted our services.
  • Events: Concerts, rehearsals or any other type of event that can be scheduled using the application is considered an event.
  • GLISSANDOO: is the commercial name under which the service is provided.

Scope of application of the Conditions of use for USERS.

These Conditions of Use for USERS will apply to the contracting of the service through the GLISSANDOO website or through the Glissandoo mobile application. If there are other preconditions, these do not replace, extend or modify the conditions, terms or contracts entered into by the user with any other service contracted for the service.


The User must use the service for their private use. Likewise, it declares and declares that it will use the service only for the purposes described in these Conditions of Use for USERS and that under no circumstances will it be used for its subsequent marketing or resale.
The User must be registered and have a GLISSANDOO account in order to access the application. The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account data and the password, as well as for restricting access to their Internet access devices. To the extent that applicable law allows, the User is solely responsible for keeping the account access data under their control and understands and accepts that all actions carried out with their user will be their responsibility.
GLISSANDOO may deny access to the service, cancel any account and delete or modify any data in case the User breaches the applicable legislation, these Terms of Use for USERS or any other terms and conditions or applicable policies.


A European payment institution accredited in France by the ACPR (CIB 16568).
Terms and conditions of Lemonway

Registration process for the use of the service.

The registration process will be carried out in Spanish. The steps will be the following for registration in the service:
  • Download the application through Google Play or App Store
  • On the home screen, click on the registration link
  • Entering basic operating data

Liability limitation. Disclaimer of warranties.

Devices and browsers
GLISSANDOO is not responsible for any possible damages that may occur due to the use of defective Internet access devices or outdated versions of browsers, or as a consequence of the device malfunction, browser.

Intellectual and industrial property.

The intellectual and industrial property rights over the website, its contents (for information purposes only, the texts, documents, photographs, graphics, images, icons and as well as its design) are the property of GLISSANDOO, without being understood as assigned to the User. none of the intellectual or industrial property rights that exist on them.
When technically possible, in the event that the User uploads any type of content on Glissandoo, he / she declares to be the owner of the rights to these contents or to have the necessary authorization from their owner, and expressly states that he / she does not infringe the rights of any third party . Likewise, with their consent, the user may assign to GLISSANDOO free of charge the rights of public communication, reproduction, distribution and transformation of said content.

Privacy Policy.

By accepting these Terms of Use for USERS, you declare that you have read and accept our Privacy Policy, which you can consult by clicking on this link.

Availability and territorial scope of the service.

The service will be available to the User immediately once the steps described in section 6 of these Terms of Use for USERS have been completed.

Nullity or ineffectiveness.

The declaration of nullity or total or partial ineffectiveness of any clause included in these Conditions of use for USERS will only affect said clause or the part of it that is null or ineffective, subsisting these Conditions of use for USERS in everything others, considering such provision in whole or in part as not included in everything else, except that the clause was essential.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction.

These Conditions of Use for USERS will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation. The User may file the actions he deems appropriate before the Spanish courts corresponding to GLISSANDOO's domicile, or before the courts of the place where the User resides or in which consumer and user legislation allows. When the User is not considered a consumer, the competent jurisdiction will be the domicile of GLISSANDOO.
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